Must Allow 2 Weeks or Less For Delivery Of A Portrait


Custom Person & Pet Portraits!


11x14 Unframed Drawings $145.00

14x17 Unframed Drawings  $175.00

Must Have A Very Clear Photo and

Not a Out Of  Focus or Blurry Photo.      

Send Photo's to;

     My Drawing Area Of My Studio!

     This Is "Thor"  14x17  $175.00

     A Memorial Piece I Did For A Fallen Memphis Tennessee Fire Fighter  18x24 Pencil

     This Little Guy Named "Skipper"  11x14   $145.00

     Master Chief U.S. Navy   14x17    $175.00

     Dalmation 11x14  $145.00

     14x17  $175.00  Unframed

     A Memorial Piece 11x14  $145.00 Unframed

     Self Portrait Of Me & My Mikie!

     A Unveiling Of Gifts at Christmas!  

     My Mama Cat and My Mikie 

     This One Was A 11x17 Pencil  $175.00

A Work In Progress

     11x14  $145.00    "Sadie"

     11x14  $145.00

     11x14  $145.00    "Colby"

     My Late Mother  11x14  Pencil

     Both Portraits 14x17  Each  $175.00  Unframed

More Art Works I've Done Through The Years!



     My 1st Limited Edition Prints of 1500 I Did 1991  SOLD OUT!

     One Of My Most Satisfying Portraits I've Done!

After Coming Home After A Hospital Stay & Surgery My Mikie

Just Wanted To Stay Close To Me. Those Enduring Eyes and His

Little Paw Resting On My Thumb Was So Beautiful Not To Draw!

He's My Boy!

 Our Coco. She Crossed The Rainbow Bridge A Couple Years Ago.   

 11x14 Of A Good Friend Who Past Away.   

 My Mikie, Coco and Mama Cat

 11x14 Unframed  $145.00  

     Friends From California. Rick Lyons and His Mom, He's A Heck Of A Cartoonist! 

 14x17 A Dear Friends Mother Who Past Away.