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Grip Models Available

Ruger Gun Grips

Vaguero Blackhawk XR-3 Red Frames, New Model, Old Army, Single Six  Super Black Hawks With Scrimshaw or Carved Works;  $85.00

 Plain Ivory Look  $45.00    Stag Look Grips  $55.00    Checkered Type Grips  $50.00

Ruger Bisley IP Grips  $55.00   Bisley Scrimshaw  $85.00   Bisley Stag Look  $65.00

Bisley Fancy Checkered  $65.00  Bisley Carved $95.00

Ruger Birds Head Plain Ivory Look  $45.00    Birds Head Stag Look  $65.00

Birds Head With Scrimshaw  $85.00

Ruger P-85,89,90,91,93's Plain Ivory Look  $45.00   Scrimshawed $75.00

Ruger Bear Cat Plain Ivory Look  $45.00   Stag Look  $50.00  Scrimshawed $75.00

Ruger Shop Keeper Plain Ivory Look  $45.00  Scrimshawed $75.00

Ruger SP 100 & SP 101  Ivory Look $30.00  Stag Look $40.00  Scrimshawed $55.00

Ruger Fitting/Frames

Ruger Old Model XR3 Was The Old 3 Screw Guns Manufactured

From 1953 to June 1962.

The Ruger Red Model Along With Other Various Letters Was Used Late In June 1962 To December 2004 On The Vaquero, Black Hawk, Single Six, Old Army and The Super Blackhawk with The 4-1/2" to 6-1/2 Barrel Lengths and Rounded Trigger Guards. (The Old Army Continues To Use This Grip Frame Style.)

The Ruger New Model XR3 Vaquero Started Production in 2005 With Serial Numbers Starting With #510 Or The "50th Anniversary Model Starting With #520. Came Equipped With The Internal Locking Feature. A Little Square Looking Thing At The Bottom Of The Inside Of The Frame.

The Latest New Model Blackhawk and New Model Single Six Grip Frames Come With Black Plastic Grips and Lockable Frame and A Ruger Model Number Ending with a "L" Started Production In September Of 2007.

The Ruger Super Blackhawk For The 7 1/2" to 10" Barrel Lengths With Square Trigger Guards Use The Standard Grips.

The Super Blackhawks For The Shorter Barrel Lengths and Rounded Trigger Guards Require The XR-3 Red Frame Grips. See Helpful Photo's Page For Further Help On Ruger Grip Frames

Colt and Clone Grips

Colt 1911/Clones Ivory look Grips $40.00   Scrimshawed $75.00    Stag Look $40.00( Includes Commanders, Gold Cup, Most 1911 Clones )

Colt 1911 with Finger Grooves Ivory Look  $45.00  Scrimshawed $85.00

Colt Officers Model/Compacts Ivory Look $30.00  Stag Look $40.00  Scrimshaw $75 Colt Officer/Clones With Finger Grooves  $45.00

Colt Single Action 1st, 2nd or 3rd Generation

Ivory Look Grips $45.00   Scrimshawed $85.00   Stag Look $55.00

Colt Frontier Scout, New Frontier and Peace Makers

Ivory Look  $45.00   Stag Look $55.00   Scrimshawed $85.00

Colt I Frame Python, Officers Match Revolver, Official Police & Pre 1970 Trooper   Ivory Look $45.00   Stag Look  $55.00  Scrimshawed  $85.00

Colt Bisley Single Action    Ivory Look $55.00   Scrimshawed $85.00

Colt Mustang II .380  Ivory Look $35.00  Stag Look  $40.00   Scrimshawed $75.00  Colt Mustang Pocket Light Ivory Look $35.00   Stag Look $40.00   Scrimshawed $75 Colt 1903/08 Ivory look $45.00  Stag Look $55.00   Scrimshawed $75.00

Smith & Wesson Standard Frames

  J-Frame Round/Square Butts

Ivory Look  $35.00    Stag Look $45.00

Scrimshawed  $75.00

K/L and N Frames

Ivory Look $40.00    Stag Look $50.00

Scrimshawed  $75.00

Other Models Available

North American Arms .22 Magnums ONLY!  Standard Sized Ivory Look  $30.00  Stag Look $40.00  Scrimshawed $55.00

North American Arms Boot Grip .22 Magnums Only  $35.00   Stag Look $45.00   Scrimshawed $55.00

North American Arms Oversized Grips   Ivory Look $49.00   Stag Look $55.00   Scrimshawed $75.00

Oversized NAA Ivory Look Grips $49.00

NAA Oversized Stag Look $55.00

Walther PPK-S Interarms American Models Only!  Ivory Look $45.00  Scrimshawed $75.00  Stag Look $60.00

Walther PPK Model  Ivory Look $55.00   Scrimshawed $85.00

Browning Hi Power  $45.00   Stag Look $65.00   Scrimshawed $75.00

Beretta 92-f,93FS Etc.  Ivory Look $45.00  Stag Look $55.00  Scrimshawed $75.00

Beretta 950, 950 BS, .25 ACP,.22 Short  Ivory Look $40.00   Scrimshawed $75.00

Beretta 21 Tomcat & 3032  Ivory Look $40.00   Scrimshawed $75.00

Beretta Stampede SA  Ivory Look $45.00   Stag Look $55.00   Scrimshawed $85.00

Taurus Gaucho Single Action Ivory Look Grips  $45.00    Stag Look $55.00    Scrimshawed Grips $85.00

Square Butt             Round Butt

New Model Interlocking Device >>>>>>

Derringer Type Guns

American Derringer Model M-1 Only!  Ivory Look $30.00  Stag Look $40.00  Scrimshawed $65.00  Large Over Sized Ivory Look $85.00

Oversized Grips Scrimshawed or Oak Leaf Carving $125.00

Hi Standard D-100 Ivory Look Grips  $30.00  Checkered Grips $35.00  Stag Look $40.00  Scrimshawed $55.00


Pre 1962 XR3 Frames (Not Red) Ivory Look $45.00  Scrimshawed Grips  $85.00

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