Colt 1911 Smooth Stag Look #1                                                       Colt 1911/Cones Smooth Stag Look #2      

Colt 1911/Clones Stag Look #3

                                                                    Colt 1911/Cones Heavy Stag Look                        1911 Stag Look #6

Ruger Single Actions Army etc. #1

North Americam Oversized Stag Look

Ruger XR-3 Red #2

S&W K/L, N, Square Butt Stag Look #1  S&W K/L, N Round Stag Look Frames #2             S&W J-Round Butt #2                             Colt Bisley Stag Look

    S&W Model 39 Stag Look                         Colt 1911/Clones Smooth Stag #3        Colt 1911/Clones Stag Look #7        Colt 1911 Heavy Stag Look #1

          Colt Magwell Stag Look                    Browning Hi Power Stag Look                  Colt Mustang Stag Look

American Derringer DA38 Stag Look

Colt Python I Frame Stag Look

Ruger Bear Cat Stag Look

         Llama Small Frame Stag Look                           S&W Stag Look #2                        Ruger Bisley Stag Look

S&W K/L Frame Stag Look

Walther PPK-S American Model Stag            Ruger Birds Head Stag Look                  Ruger GP-100 Inserts Stag


Stag Look Grips!

Only 2nd To The Real Thing!


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